Reunion in Romania

We had a reunion in Romania from Tuesday 25th March to Thursday 27th March 2008. On the whole the weather was fine and warm, but we were very surprised to wake up on Wednesday morning to a dusting of snow. Everyone in Romania was very friendly and our hosts went to a tremendous effort to make us all feel welcome and to look after us very well.

The theme of the reunion was food. For more information on the food go to Food

We arrived in Iasi, the regional centre, on Monday 24th March and had time to have a look around the town before heading out to Targu Frumos to meet up with the other delegates. We all stayed at the Hotel Coroana in Targu Frumos.

Tuesday 25th March

All the teams were welcomed to Liceul Ion Neculce by the Headteacher and a school choir. There was a traditional Romanian ceremony of bread and salt passed round to offer the guests hospitality. Then all the delegates had to sing their national anthem. We had a tour of the school, a look around the school msueum and a chance to meet and chat to some of the pupils. We also had a walk through Targu Frumos to visit shops to buy any ingredients we would need for our cookery activity. After a lunch in school we took a bus trip out to visit the local Cucuteni museum which was an archaeological site from this ancient local civilization.

Wednesday 26th March

The next morning we had a reception the major and were presented with souvenirs of the area. Then we all returned to the hotel to prepared our food for the main event. The hotel very kindy allowed us to use their kitchen to prepare our dishes. While the cooks were working, pupils from Liceul Ion Neculce entertained everyone with traditional Romanian and Lipovan songs and dances. After the food was completed it was laid out and everyone had a chance to try tasting all the different dishes. The Italian spagetti was a great success. We also had a chance to try to learn some Romanian dances and some of the delegates from other countries sang some of their traditional songs too.

Thursday 27th March

On Thursday we were all taken on a coach tour to visit some of the painted monastries for which the region of Moldavia is famous. We went to three different monastries and churches. A very old one, a modern style church and one at Agapia with an enclosed cloister.

On Friday we were very sad to say goodbye and thank you to our hosts and all the new friends we had made.
The Scottish team had time to have a look around Bucharest on the way to and from Targu Frumos.

To see some photos of the visit go to our Bubbleshare album.

Reunion in Romania

Reunion in Romania