Please circle if you are a teacher or student.

1. Name two things that you have learned about each partnership country. Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Scotland, Turkey
Bulgaria : in our partnership school , foreign languages like
Russian and English are used to teach various subjects ; orthodox religion .
Romania : their traditional meal is called ‘ churba ‘ ; many beautiful monasteries in the Moldavian area .
Turkey : they don’t eat pork ; they are very friendly and
warm ; they drink a lot of tea .
Scotland : very proud of their traditions ; all of them love the national poet Robert Burns .

2. How has the project helped you to understand other cultures?
You can learn about other cultures in a variety of ways
( on TV, by reading from different sources etc .. ) but you can never understand other cultures unless you meet people and speak to them .

3. How has involvement with the project helped you to learn another language?
As a teacher of English I have had the chance to practice the language , but I’ve also enjoyed learning few words or simple exchanges of other languages like Turkish, Romanian and Bulgarian.

4. In what way has the project helped you to develop your reading and writing skills – mother tongue and other languages?

5. How has the project raised awareness of your own region and country amongst teachers, students, parents, and local community?
Being part of a Comenius Team makes everybody feel really aware of one’s European citizenship, but at the same time the feeling of being Italian , and of the region and town where you belong , becomes stronger .

6. How has your knowledge of your own country’s identity increased?
As a matter of fact , people involved in the project have learned more about their homeland and hometown as they have had to answer questions from the other Comenius participants , or to turn into guides for them during their visits .

7. In what manner has the project motivated you in your work?
Speaking to teachers from countries of such different cultures has a strong impact on our work.. You feel that , in spite of
the deep differences , you share more than you could have imagined . The universal values of our role as teachers come to the surface and revive our motivation .

8. How has the project or how will the project help you in your career?
The experiences connected with the project have been such an impact on my teaching views and methods , that I believe my professional skills have improved considerably , and this is in itself a step forward in career .

9. What has been your most memorable Comenius Project experience?
Speaking to colleagues from the other countries , sharing the same passion of working with the young, visiting other schools, making new friends , reshaping relationships within my own school and community.

10. What has been your worst Comenius Project experience ?
I cannot think of any bad experience, apart from the fact that the project involves really hard work .

11. How has the project helped you/ your school in your knowledge of ICT and the Internet?
We all have developed a greater confidence with ICT and the Internet .
12. In what way has the project helped you/ your school in other technology use?
Students and staff have increased their knowledge in editing , videoing and using digital cameras.

13. How has the project helped to raise the ethos of your school?
A lot of people in the school , students and staff , have showed interest in the project , asked questions about it . This certainly
means a greater awareness of new frontiers in education .

14. How has the project improved your school’s reputation in your local area?
All families involved in the project state that they were highly satisfied with the experience and appreciate the school’s efforts
for offering their children this chance .

15. How has the project helped to develop your self-confidence/self esteem?
As a teacher I found out that students have developed a greater self-confidence / self-esteem as they have been able to
establish new and successful relationships , also by having to use a foreign language .

16. How has the project helped to improve international cooperation?
Real contacts between real people , young and adults , from different cultures help to knock down the stereotypes and
prejudices , which are the first barriers to international
cooperation .